Open Fractures


Fractured Reservoir Experts

FROM Characterisation to Reservoir Development

We are experts in all aspects of naturally fractured reservoirs with application to hydrocarbon, water and geothermal reservoirs. Our work is heavily underpinned by structural geology (see our popular blog on this site) and highly integrated with all available data including dynamic data. Not neglecting closed and compartmentalising fractures such as deformation bands and their interplay with open fractures.  We are also very experienced in the Development of fractured reservoirs in areas such as well planning, data acquisition and modelling. 


Closed Fractures


International Experience

From the North Sea to the Middle East

We have over 20 years international experience in characterising fractured reservoirs in the North Sea, Barents Sea, West of Shetland, North Africa, Middle East and many other areas. In fractured sandstones, dolomites, shales, cherts, chalks and basement rocks.




Integrated Approach

working with all aspects of geology

We provide an integrated characterisation of natural fractures from all data sources including core, seismic, outcrop and of course dynamic data




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